Welcome to my little home on the web, which hopefully someday will turn into a ‘for reals’ meeting face to face. The thought of that gets me a little excited, since I know you will make me smile, give me the chance of listening to your recent adventures in life, share moments of goofiness, and of course, give me an opportunity to make great photos. I didn’t expect to grow up to be a photographer, especially since I was the one who hid behind Mom’s skirt, mortified if I would have to speak to a stranger. I never would have guessed that I would transition into someone strolling the aisles of stores looking for opportunities to connect with people.

Photography came upon me in the middle of being a wife and mother, when chaos demanded a need to feel like I could accomplish something. I found the perfect mix of creating visual greatness with the blossoming desire to share life with people. The whole package of being a photographer, from meeting new people, mastering amazing tools to capture photos, and then carefully manipulating them into the best image is what makes me live and breath all things photography. Perhaps “live and breath” is a tad on the exuberant side, but that’s the ambitious side of me desiring to become better and enjoy my passion even more.

Besides being a photographer, wife, and mom, hmmmm, is there any time left for something besides all that?? Not really, so in all those times I seek to live life that comes naturally to me. I look for people to entertain and entertain me, goofiness and fun to enjoy, work out for the sanity of my mind and body, sunny and hot weather to find the quiet and beautiful outdoors that I’m blessed to be surrounded with in Oregon, but most of all I keep coming back to my God, husband, family, and friends to bring joy into my life.