Frequently Asked Questions

What is an edited image?

A big reason to pay for portraits and/or wedding photography services is have your memories saved in a visual fashion.  But what comes out of the camera doesn’t necessarily come close to what was really there or what you remember.  The process of taking that original digital image from the camera and making it what you remember, or sometimes adding creative touches to enhance the feeling or atmosphere of the particular image is done on the computer.  Sometimes only minor adjustments are made, such as taking away any color casts, while creative enrichments take significantly longer.  As a whole, I spend significantly more time carefully editing images after the shoot than the actual photo session itself.

What can I do with these image files?

Photo images can be used in so many ways: printed media (prints, canvases, albums, greeting cards, business cards, flyers, etc.), social media (Facebook, Myspace, etc.), blogging, and emailing are some of the most common applications.

How do I get prints if I want them?

The easiest avenue to getting prints is to order them from y our own online gallery that you will be provided.  The prints are produced from a high quality printer at excellent “at-cost” prices.  I do not derive any revenue from your orders through your online gallery.  You will also be given a cd with all your images files to print at whatever vendor or personal printer that you would like.

How soon will I get my image files after the photo session?

As soon as possible! I hope to return your photo images within a week or two of your session.  Weddings and event photography will tend to take longer as the amount of images to be edited is much larger.

Why should I do a photoshoot in my home (or public location)?

  • You’re in your comfort zone, and this especially applies with kids!  Little kiddos feel safe and happy in their own environment, and often open up very fast because they can’t help but want to have their own personal show and tell.
  • It’s personal.  The photo can mean so much more when it includes your front porch, your child’s favorite toy, or even a little bit of the clutter in the background.  You’ll love seeing extra details in the background as the years pass by.
  • It’s easy and stress free.  You’ve got to admit, there aren’t many times that heading out to a portrait studio ends up being much fun.  I’m not here to knock the studio, because it definitely has it’s place, but relaxing at home while grabbing some photos is definitely the easier route to go.
  • Weather is not an impediment.  Rain or shine, indoors is always a great option!

How do you do the photographer thing AND have seven kids?

Ok, I couldn’t resist throwing this question in here even though it doesn’t technically cover stuff about photography.  But you gotta admit, if you’ve read the “About” page the thought probably did cross through your mind.  The short and most accurate answer is that it’s just so much fun!  If you’re REALLY interested I can give you the long answer when we’re out on a photo shoot:)