Photography is fun. It can be work too, which is why I have not posted as often this winter, as I recoup from a very full 2016. But I haven’t just been sitting around all the time. I’ve continued work for clients, while at the same time, working on some technical and creative improvements in my work. The simple way of saying the last part of that sentence is: I’ve been playing with my cameras, including a drone. That also means that the photos I’m posting today are a pretty disjointed bunch.

What fun to see life from a different perspective!!

kids on trampoline

If any of you are on social media, you all know that the western US has been wet this year. Usually we find some sunny and warm days to play on the coast, but we had to resort to going no matter what.

family photography - girl on beach - Newport, OR
Newport, OR - girls on beach - beach at night

Poor boys. But by now they’re kinda trained, since I’m always keeping an eye out for a cool background.

Corvallis photography - downtown Corvallis

First time ever vacation at Eagle Crest Resort was a breath of fresh air! It was tropical in the pool, thankfully a big difference from a chilly outdoors.

kids in pool - Eagle Crest - pool photos
kids in pool - Eagle Crest - pool photos

Fortunately it was a super sunny day to enjoy Smith Rock. It’s a cool view, but it made my insides churn and my bones ache to see the kids next to big cliffs. I’m a pansy when it comes to high places.

Smith Rock - kids climbing rocks
Smith Rock - kids climbing rocks
Smith Rock - kids climbing rocks

This photo below is my proud Oregonian moment. It rained and rained and we trudged higher and higher. We can enjoy the outdoors in any weather! But I was really happy to take a hot shower after that.

dogs on a walk - dogs in snow - Peavy Arboretum

We fished for school today. Not a bad deal, especially when Grandpa arrives and shows the kids how to really catch fish! His arrival was a total surprise and made the whole trip a success!

boy fishing - EE Wilson
kids going fishing
trampoline picture - girl on trampoline - lifestyle photography
kids on trampoline - drone

Spring means really cool dramatic lighting. Those blue clouds with the sun in the forefront are my favorite type of clouds.

kids playing on farm - dramatic light - Pacific Northwest

My kids are so patient with me. Another photo where I tell K to just stand over there for a few minutes.


This was one of the best nights this spring. It warmed up enough to play on the nearby park.

family playing basketball - family photography

More drama, both in lighting and play.

family playing basketball - family photography
family playing basketball - family photography

You’ve got to go do this. Crater Lake offers free guided snowshoe tours. We set ours up for a week day and had the ranger to ourselves to go where we wanted. It was GORGEOUS!

Crater Lake snowshoe trip

Yeah, this is one of those photos that may not make sense being here. But I like it alot and so, here it is.

one way on road

We have a dark house, so anytime someone passes through one of the patches of light, it’s time to try to catch a shot.

girl on stairs - window light

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