I can’t resist making photography a part of my vacation, especially when the sun shines in Hawaii. What a refreshing way to spend a week in the middle of a wet and cold winter back at home. It’s a good thing Jema moved there for awhile and gave us a reason to go to Hawaii. We had a week there and since she didn’t have a car and hadn’t seen much of the island, we covered almost the¬†whole thing in that time.

Hawaii - sun - photography

Touring a coffee farm was pretty fun.

Hawaii - sun - photography - coffee farm

Speaking of coffee, one of our favorites shops was right on the ocean. The murals outside caught my eye each time we went there.

Hawaii - sun - photography
Hawaii - sun - photography

The night time view from the coffee shop.

Hawaii - nighttime - photography

Jema had been borrowing my Fuji camera while at home. She has her own now and we spend time taking photos of each other taking photos.

Hawaii - sun - photography
Hawaii - trees - photography

The Mauna Kea Observatory was a crazy place to go. I really resented having to dress warm while in Hawaii. I’m such a pansy about being cold that the heat and sun of Hawaii is one of the main reasons I love it there. We weren’t quite as layered up as these people who were in a tour group, but maybe I would have been slightly happier about the temperature if I were wearing a suit like them.

Hawaii - sun - photography - Mauna Kea
Hawaii - sun - photography - Mauna Kea

After watching the sun set, we spent some time stargazing. It was an extraordinary view and much better than this photo. It just happened to be one I snapped showing Jema how to take photos at night.

Hawaii - stars - photography
Hawaii - photography

For real green sand. This patch seems greener than the actual green sand beach we went to.

Hawaii - Green Sands - photography

Hair. So hard to control. Or maybe it’s Lee photobombing that makes Jema smile so much.

Hawaii - hair - photography
Hawaii - black sand beach - photography
Hawaii - sun - photography - palm trees

Instead of staring at the sun set, I couldn’t help but check out the other direction like the light on the palm trees, or the way the water kept changing.

Hawaii - sun - photography - water

One of my favorite activities we did was to hike down to this beach and then up the other side. What a steep walk down, though.

Hawaii - sun - photography
Hawaii - sun - photography

I didn’t have my camera out at the right moment. After seeing some locals go through the mud and puddles with their big 4wd rigs we saw the best one drive by. The side by side was driven by a girl about 10 years old, most likely with her siblings and friends. She owned the road.

Hawaii - muddy road - photography
Hawaii - sun - photography - beach

We had a treasure hunt type of game that whole week, seeing who could first spot one of the local and elusive, wild donkeys. This was as close as we got: kinda wild horses. Good enough!

Hawaii - sun - photography - wild horses
Hawaii - sun - photography

The volcano. What a wild set of extremes on the big island!

Hawaii - sun - photography - volcano - red flower

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