It has been a big push to get a few large photo jobs done lately, so it’s time to edit photos of my own little world. It’s been a busy world, since birthdays, graduation, and barbecues have dominated. That’s a good type of busy to have. One of the events we splurged with was organizing a quirky type of scavenger hunt for our high school girls and some of their friends. They all showed up knowing that we had a scavenger hunt planned, but didn’t really know much else.

The beginning of the hunt was a bit unorthodox, as the Team (the high school girls) would only be given the rules and clues for the hunt once they had scored a goal against the rest of their siblings and some adults. I recruited help from friends and their kids to participate for parts of the hunt.

Family soccer - OSU

Once the Team scored a goal, they next had to find the scavenger hunt list, which was on a simple piece of paper. The trick was that all of us adults and kids had a piece of paper, so we played a game of freeze tag to locate the right paper. In other words, all of the Team was ‘it’, once they would tag someone, that person would have to freeze and show the Team their paper. But the rest of the kids and adults could set that person free and even trade papers to create more confusion.

Freeze tag

This step of the scavenger hunt was about as confusing as it is to explain this whole part of it, but after a few minutes, the Team managed to stumble onto the right piece of paper. Once they read through the list of tasks they could do for points, off they ran.

Scavenger hunt

This is the part that gets really fun. Unbeknownst to the Team, one of the real reasons I invited the adults and siblings to participate is that we created an ambush with some color fun. One of the tasks the Team had to complete was a team building effort of doing a group sit and holding it for 10 seconds. The amazing thing is that they held this sit while being bombarded by watered down tempera paint.

Squirting liquid color - scavenger hunt
Color fun in a scavenger hunt - group bonding
Scavenger hunt using color

The siblings kept on squirting long after the damage was done.

Color fun - scavenger hunt
Watered down tempera paint - using squirt guns

They were really good sports for going into this, not knowing they would be totally smeared with paint  by the end of it.

Good sports - Color fun

Since we already ambushed them once, we tried to play it off like there were no more ambushes planned. I’m pretty sure that quite a few of them knew something else was coming, but once again, they were really good sports about the whole thing. This time they were trying to untangle themselves from the group knot, while the color powder was thrown all over them.

Color powder - human knot
Color powder in a scavenger hunt
Color powder in a scavenger hunt

These next two crack me up because it shows K ‘sharing’ her color powder with Ella.

Different uses of color powder

And now K better run….

Color powder in a scavenger hunt
Blue color powder in the hands of a young girl
Color pop - Color powder and liquid color - scavenger hunt

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