Newborn sessions in the home are all about baby. She’s the one who is really in charge, eating when she wants to eat and being held when she wants to be held. It helps to get a few photos while big brother is sleeping though, so we started during his nap and she was perfect!

changing baby - newborn photos in home
mother and newborn - she

Yes. She’s your momma.

newborn looks at her mama - photographer
tiny newborn photos

Daddy gets his turn to hold her as well. She’s just getting comfortable. It’s funny how hard it is to get a photo of a newborn when he or she isn’t making a funny face. They are so expressive!

baby girl with her dad

She is so little!

newborn hair

It was a good move to swaddle her. She liked it! I was happy she was able to sneak her hand out though.

swaddled baby
newborn family photo
sleeping baby
sleeping baby in mom

When big brother woke up, he was still a little sleepy, but really happy to jump in with the rest of the family.

big brother with newborn sister

Where is her nose?


These two photos make my heart melt. What a sweetheart of a big brother!!

brother and sister
newborn photos with brother

I like seeing how much bigger he is than her.

newborns are so little

He, like almost all two year olds, was totally enthralled with the camera. I had him help me take a few photos. This was my favorite one, because he just couldn’t help but look in the lens when he snapped the photos.

big brother loves the camera

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