Photo sessions for the first born are always different then the ones that follow. When I’m out on a job as a baby photographer, I’m so happy to be able to catch photos of the older siblings too, since aren’t photos like this one of big brother adorable?

Toddler photos
baby feet - wedding rings on toes of baby

Time to chat with daddy.

Father and baby daughter photos

What an easy and happy baby she is! I remember back before having any babies that they must be so boring since they don’t really move around or talk. Then we had one and I found myself just staring at them forever. It seems silly as I type, because it still doesn’t make sense when I write it down. I just know it’s ‘for reals’ fun to watch your own baby for as long as they’ll allow!

New baby portraits
Baby snuggled in mother
baby with angel wings

She was truly an angel for this session!

baby with angel wings - baby photographer
new baby photos
family photographer - new baby portraits
dad and son - lifestyle photography
family portraits - new baby photos


mother and new baby - baby photographer
baby photos
sleeping baby photos
baby girl portraits
baby photographer
big brother

My first go ’round through the photos put this one aside, since it was a little fuzzy. But I kept coming back to it, with little sister in the background.

big brother with little sister in background

Because then he did this, to check on his little sister. What a cute little guy!!

big brother looks at little sister - baby photographer

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