Ok, the title says tween girls, which is actually referring to stuff lower down in the post. I had to put in a few words at the beginning to clarify that, because when Judah saw his photo under that title, he wanted me to make it clear that he is NOT a tween girl.

I think the Pacific Northwest gets a bad weather reputation. As I look through my photos each week, the sun ends up being present a good part of the time. The first photo makes me wonder why are the kids inside when the sun is out?

brother and sister time - cabin fever

This is better.

winter on the trampoline - sun in the PNW winter - girl on trampoline
golden retriever in winter sun - golden glow - family dog

Some injustice was done. It’s amazing how much I learn about nonverbal communication through Heidi. She has a gift!

innocent injustice - girl in winter sun - headshot of girl

We all had cabin fever and I had a sore throat. I was on the bed most of a day this past week. It doesn’t stop the kids from hanging with me though.

cabin fever

I love it when the kids come up with their own entertainment on a rainy day. Tea time was all their own idea. The miracle is that it was completely cleaned and put away when they were done. Without these photos I never would have remembered it happened!

cabin fever - tea time
tea time - girl time

We had a heavy dose of girl time this weekend, as we swapped Judah for Ella. Tween girls definitely get a leg up in all things hair and makeup.

girl time - fixing hair
girl time
girl time - cabin fever

I know that they were only doing hair and stuff for a couple hours, but it added a few years to their look. Amazing.

curls - tween girls


playing in mud - girl outside

It gets everywhere.

muddy shirt

It seems to be her favorite puddle. She found something at the bottom she wanted.

puppy playtime

I can’t wait to see what she dives for when she’s all grown up! It’s the funniest thing to see dogs blow bubbles!

puppy blowing bubbles

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