Everything is retro these days, right? I think the phrase lifestyle photography is just that, in my opinion. It is not necessarily taking the perfect picture, but making sure everyday life is captured. The interesting thing is that, for me, I started in photography yearning to catch the excitement and vibrancy of my kids. But they aren’t like that all the time, and it got kind of boring catching the same feeling. That’s opened the door to catch so much more in the photos, including a simple moment sitting in the sun. Of course, what that highlights this time of year is that in midwinter, even a small child will sit still for a moment to enjoy the bright rays!

sun in winter - children

Whether it be reading or basketball, the sunny day could be enjoyed either way.

lifestyle photography - children - playful
basketball - kids playing - always reading

The dog. She’s a force in our family. Fortunately, she’s a great reason to get everyone outdoors to get some energy out of her.

lifestyle photography - children - playful
taking the dog for a walk - children

Heidi rarely does anything without flare.

Taking the dog for a walk - kids walking - winter sun

Jo takes her freedom as a driver. In this instance, the sunset was begging her to stop and enjoy.

watching the sunset

I love it when the fields flood. Usually the winter clouds are enough of a reason to stop and see the reflection. This evening, they were AMAZING! Judah went out closer to get a glimpse.

Willamette Valley sunset - boy in field - reflection

It seemed to last forever, but eventually we wanted to get home.

girl running
girl running
framed - sunset reflection

I kid you not, once Lacey came back to the car, we got in ready to go and were floored to see that it just kept getting better. So, we stayed to watch the show.

enjoying the sunset

Math is much easier when money is involved.

counting coins

After the grueling 2000 piece puzzle over the holidays, the kids are pretty excited to throw a smaller puzzle together.


Early readers. Who said that reading is a sedentary activity? Every kid I have taught to read moves more than someone doing calisthenics. She holds the book up, down, to the side, under, and then still while she moves all around it.

early reader

Why are swings more fun to spin in than to swing in?

sisters - playing on swings

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