One of the best places to get family photos is at the park. It’s one of the easiest places to have something fun to do.


Who is in charge here?


Playing is serious fun.

Newborn photos

Swings: one of my favorite places to get smiles out of a young child. He was holding on tight because he wanted to go higher and faster.

Boy in the swing - photos

Little brother took it a little slower.

Mom and newborn - at the park
baby portraits
newborn baby photos

Leaves are irresistible.

Playing in the leaves - fall in Corvallis
Throwing leaves - playing in the leaves
Family photos at the park - playing in the leaves
New baby brother - fall in Corvallis
brotherly love - new baby photos

He was pretty proud of how well he could hold little brother. I think they will be the best of friends!!

Big and little brother photos

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