Real life with newborn babies isn’t all sleeping baby, especially with other little ones in the home. The joy of having more than one child is the journey of knowing and understanding each individual personality. Already, this little gal has a mind of her own and is letting mom and dad know what she likes and doesn’t like.

baby in dad
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Her pacifier. Big sister didn’t take one, but she is happy with hers.

family photography - baby photos

The way she held onto the pacifier was precious.

baby with pacifier - day holding newborn photos
dad and daughters - baby photos
toddler holding newborn - first photos

Maybe we asked for a kiss and maybe we didn’t. Regardless, she’s a natural at taking care of little sister.

toddler kisses - baby sister photos

But, like all toddlers, that didn’t last long.

little baby - sisters
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She’s a healthy size for a newborn, but still so very small.

Newborn photography - Corvallis photographer
sleeping baby
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little hands - baby hands with mom

This is real life with little ones. I love to see the smiles on mom and dad’s faces though, because tears are fleeting and the joy of little ones is worth the effort.

family photography - toddler photos
toddler tears
toddler in family photos

It’s good to see her know what to do with her tears. Mom and dad will always be ready to help.

toddler holding dad

I can’t help but do a little shop talk about photos. These were done on one of the darkest days of the year here, but we still managed to find a little corner with some light. I don’t think it takes an amazing background to get good photos, but good lighting is so important. I’m more of a fan of showing relationship and real life and love between people. That can still be done in a little place.

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