It’s really summer here. School is out, the sun is up early and down late, and the camping gear has been brought out for a test run.

Family photography - summer photos

A practice camp session isn’t complete without the fire and roasted marshmellows.

Family photography - summer photos - fire - roasting marshmellows
Family photos - summer nights - roasting marshmellows - family dog

I’m all about the photos with interaction. I’m not really sure what they’re doing though.

kids on trampoline - children
kids on trampoline - children

It’s a good thing my camera was sitting on the counter, because when I walked in on this, it was something I did not want to miss!

kids arm wrestling

It feels pretty good to beat his big sister.

kids arm wrestling

And even better to beat a little sister and a friend.

kids arm wrestling

I really don’t set these photos up. Maybe I’ll ask them to do it again, but it’s all their idea.

kids on trampoline

After just saying I don’t set photos up, now I have to say I did for this photo. It was all my idea. Can you tell? It’s time to do a few summer projects!!!

summer - kids working

Craig and I play on an ultimate frisbee team. The kids have no problem entertaining themselves while we play.

summer at the park - kids - biking - rollerblades


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