I was on vacation! This is going to be a catch-up post, because even though I was off having fun, we were still living life!

Before leaving, however, school still needed to be done. I think K was doing math.

Corvallis photographer - kids - schoolwork

I was prepping to go to Chicago with Craig, getting my camera gear ready to go, and put my 16-35mm lens on. I don’t use it that much, but wanted to catch some trampoline action, since it gives a much different perspective.

Corvallis photographer - kids - trampoline

Chicago. I’ve seen pictures of “The Bean” and just haven’t really been that impressed. I fell in love with it though, coming back a couple days in a row. It was like being a kid again, in front of an amazing carnival mirror that changed the world around me every step I took. It was so fun to see everyone’s expressions of wonder.

Chicago - The Bean

One of our favorite activities was taking a boat tour. I think we had one of the best guides, too, since he told us his boats always had the most beautiful and smart people on it. Ha!

Chicago River

Up at the top of the 360 Chicago, or what I know as the Hancock Building, was the coolest view. It was like being at the edge of a 1000 foot cliff with no fear of heights attached.

Chicago at night

They are fearless.

Pictures of kids on bikes - bare feet

They are problem solvers, too.

Kids fixing bike - bare feet
Kids on bikes - country life - Corvallis photographer

Right after returning from Chicago with Craig, I went on a weekend away to Sunriver with a couple friends. We are cool. At least, that’s what we think, and others may say we are something else!

Friends photography
Deschutes trails
Bike path and arrows
Purple wildflowers

We ended up walking every day. This last day was a trip near Three Fingered Jack. Because all the trees were bare, we had awesome views every way we looked.

Jefferson Wilderness area
Kids flipping - trampoline - family photography
Trampoline fun - photography
Trampoline - kids

Jo and Zoe have always been a pair.

A girl and her dog - teen girl - golden retriever - Corvallis teen photographer
A girl and her dog - Corvallis teen photographer - teen girl - golden retriever

The pigs needed to move to a bigger pen.

4H project - Swine - pigs on trailer

Working is always more fun with friends. Also, more and more often the kids will pick my camera up and take photos on their own. This is Kena’s shot, which I’m really impressed with!

Friendship - 4H project - family photographer

But feelings can be hurt. It’s a good thing they bounce back so fast!

Friends - country life

Concrete is tough on the knees, especially when wearing boots that are too big.

Owie - bandages - kid

After just a week or two of biking on her own, she’s a master! Lacey is always asking to go for a ride.

Learning how to ride a bike - family photographer

Learning how to start from a standstill has got to be one of the hardest skills.

Learning how to ride a bike - family photographer
Learning how to ride a bike - family photographer
Learning how to ride a bike - family photographer - country lane

Some shots are most definitely posed.

A boy and his dog - soccer dog - front porch

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