Big things happened this week. It wasn’t a lost tooth or learning how to ride a bike, but it’s about that big of an accomplishment in our family. Lacey can jump up to the shed from the trampoline. We are all proud.

Lifestyle photography - children - trampoline

I’m making a point of taking photos each day now. Fortunately, my kids are used to me doing this and are pretty patient about having them be my test subjects to try out new things, even if it’s seeing how the light in the shade is different. We tried out a few spots and the front porch was deemed best.

Teen photography

Zoe can’t help saying hi to Kena, since she’s down at dog level.

Girl and her dog
Girl and her dog

I have two goals for taking photos every day. One is to learn, try, and discover purely for improving my photography. The second is to remember. This jump roping event happened sometime this past week. I had already forgotten about it by the time I went to choose my favorites for the week! It makes me happy to have one or a few photos from every day to look back on. Incidentally, a more artsy thought about this photo is that, although I didn’t plan it, the way the colors went together (red-green-blue) turned out pretty cool!

girls jumping rope - RGB

Rollerblading isn’t old yet. It’s harder to rollerblade in the country, since the roads are rough. Before we cleaned out this barn, it was mostly done in the house.

Girl rollerblading - children
Girls on trampoline - children

I’m really surprised Zoe didn’t jump up to get her share.


Lacey has begun to master the flip and now she’s spinning.

Girl on trampoline - children

We love soccer. I was all about volleyball when I was a kid, but now I kind of wish I’d done soccer instead. I get my second chance to do that with the family though.

Soccer at sunset - girl playing soccer

This is 4H life. Man, pigs are so funny to watch run around.

Girls and pigs - 4H life
Boy and his dog

That dog. She chewed up the lenses out of my sunglasses and Jema found the frames. She’s already smart enough, but now she looks even smarter with these on.

teen girl
Sibling photography

We all know that dandelions are weeds, but they are just so darned pretty sometimes, especially when they are glowing in the sunset.

Girl blowing dandelion

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