Friday favorites may be something I keep returning to. As I mentioned last week, I’m enjoying grabbing some images from the week to edit and tuck away to remind me of ¬†what went on, as well as try some new things.

It was her lot to clean out the car. She picks whatever shoes are there to use, even if they are her oldest sister’s boots.

Friday favorites - Corvallis lifestyle

Walking on the OSU campus is one of our favorite activities on the weekend.

Friday favorites - Corvallis lifestyle

Their first experience with a wishbone was not a disappointment.

Kids and a wishbone

Sometimes it is quiet in our home. But it’s not often.

Girl reading

I don’t even know what this stuff is that K is playing with.

Corvallis lifestyle

Tracing and coloring is so fun.

Tracing and coloring

I love this. Our dog, Zoe, has a strong personality and doesn’t always follow. If there’s food involved though, she’s all attention. The kids bring the food on the trampoline to make it even more interesting and have made a game of it, which we call, “Hungry, hungry Zoe.” I can’t stop laughing when I watch her try to eat little bits bouncing around on the trampoline.

Dog on trampoline
Dog on trampoline
Dog on trampoline

Judah turned 12 this week and celebrated with his friends at the beach and then came home for some cake. These kids are really awesome.


Superhero Silas!!

Superhero on trampoline

Heidi and her hair.

Sunlight and trampline - Corvallis children

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  1. Julia Pearson
    March 17, 2015

    The stuff K is playing with looks like the gak we tried making one Tuesday. It failed somehow for all the girls and worked for me, which was kind of a bummer. Oh well.