It is hard coming back from vacation, juggling the rediscovered peace and slower pace with work and life. But I will keep on saying what the Kiwis say: “No worries.”

We spent our first three days in Christchurch, because Craig had some business to do. I was excited to get out and take photos. People are what I usually get really jazzed to take photos of. I found a little bit of new love for landscape photography. I think it’s kinda funny, since it seems like it should be pretty easy, but I found that there are quite a few little details to remember to improve things. I really should write them down so I remember since our next vacation might not be for awhile!

Hmm, after reading the last paragraph, you may be wondering why there is no picture of Christchurch, since we stayed there at the beginning for the first few days. As always, a little city goes a long ways in my appetite for sight seeing. Christchurch was an all new city experience though, since so much of it is being rebuilt from the earthquake they had four years ago. It seemed like the city has imported most of the world’s construction cones and cyclone fencing to cope with all the building.

Just a short drive out of town was Godley Head, an WW2 military establishment. This is one of the views from one of the many tracks there.

Godley Head, New Zealand -  Christchurch, New Zealand

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