It’s winter and that’s a good time for me. The natural slowdown of business gives me time to do other parts of business, including continuing education. The class I’m taking now had me do an assignment of taking ten photos throughout the day to catch and chronicle events and beauty as it occurred. For a lifestyle photographer, that is a key goal, to capture the everyday beauty. Of course, I took many more than ten photos. That’s the secret of getting a good photo, in my opinion. Practice thoughtfully, and success will eventually happen.

Kena is usually the first one up in the morning, out of all the kids. It was no different on the day off this last Monday. Because she was the first one up she took the coveted and only seat in our kitchen.

Corvallis photography

Many times during the day I mandate a “power’s out” time where no electronics area allowed. Board games are one of the next best options.

Corvallis lifestyle photography

I’m proud of my oldest. She’s doing all the studying and reading for her classes that I’m sooooo happy to have already done and completed. Doing school is hard work!

Corvallis family photography

Baking time includes cleaning time. I believe her sister had a little contract going with Heidi: if she cleaned up the kitchen tools that they needed, she would get to lick the frosting off once they were all done.

Corvallis children

They eventually cleaned up the mess. I helped them eat the cake.


The dining room table is one center of our life.

Corvallis children

The trampoline has entertained us more than any other toy.

Corvallis lifestyle photographer

It is not just for bouncing on.

Corvallis children

My favorite sport is basketball. I didn’t suggest they play, but when they do, it is one of my favorite activities to watch!

Corvallis children

It wasn’t a quiet spot that Lacey found, but she still managed to create her own space, among the chaos going on around her.

Corvallis children

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