The photos I most enjoy taking are the ones that show interaction, emotion, details, and sometimes action. I really like this photo of Judah, but the reasons why are is probably not obvious to someone who glances at the photo. I notice it though. Kena is putting silverware away as her morning chore. Judah has Heidi or Lacey’s (they each have the same one) caterpillar and is saying something to Kena. I’m sure that he’s teasing her, because that is what makes him smile. Also, this is a really small detail, but even the cupboard in the background is slightly open. I’d probably forget this detail and it’s not even that important. It’s a little funny to me because that’s the only door that doesn’t quite close, but never high enough on my priority list to fix. The best part of this photo though is definitely Judah’s expression, because that’s one that I see so often and enjoy.

Interaction of brother and sister - Corvallis lifestyle photographer

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