Our family dog is not a boring and lazing critter. I remember specifically picking her out of the litter because she seemed to have personality and spunk, something that would be needed to hold her own within a family of seven kids and one slightly childish adult (me). Zoe has not disappointed. She is persistent, loves her attention and even demands it, loves to be involved, and often is a little annoying. Kids being kids can’t help but to tease her a little bit, which is just rewards for the times she is annoying. It’s a good relationshiop!

One of the traits Zoe is known for is her love for stuffed animals. The kids have to keep a tight rein on their beloved animals, otherwise Zoe will steal and hide, often outside, any animal she can find. Needless to say, she owns the most stuffed animals in our house.

Family pet photography - Dog photographer - Corvallis - Oregon

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