Senior pictures are fun. People this age are fun. This location is fun. But most of all, Garrett is fun. He’s more than just fun, so I was excited to be able to spend some time enjoying his company while driving around the family farm. When spending time with people for their session, I’m always excited to find out something new and interesting. With Garrett, he shared about his free time and what he did to enjoy the farm. Out on a duck hunt he found the coolest frog, perched on a corn husk. He spent some time taking photos and some video of it. I was so impressed by his work!

Corvallis senior portrait photography - barn - farm
Corvallis photographer - senior portraits - barn
Corvallis photography - senior pictures - barn - farm
Corvallis senior pictures - barn - senior boy

My favorite color is blue. With orange, it’s even more special. Which is why, when we stumbled across this truck in the barn, I became a little bit of a dictator about it. We HAD to stop and use that truck. Garrett didn’t mind, because that’s the sort of person he is. He’s got a gift of being pleasant and easy to be around.

GMC truck - senior pictures - Corvallis farm
Corvallis senior photos - farm
Corvallis senior photography - tractor - farm

These, with the light and warm background are my favorite. The one on the right was lucky, since a tractor stirring up the dirt drove by at the right time.

Senior pictures - Corvallis, OR - farm life - senior boy
Corvallis senior pictures - farm
Senior pictures - Corvallis - Oregon - Farm

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