Fitton Green Natural Area is one of my favorites, and this family’s too.

Corvallis Fitton Green Photography

Once she “escaped” her backpack, she ran over time after time to check out my camera. That’s a dream for a children’s photographer.

Corvallis Children
Corvallis, OR photography
Corvallis, OR Photography - family photography
I have a second camera that I use. She saw it as irresistible and would run over to try it out. I think it’s in her destiny to be a photographer.
Usually if kids try to take a picture, the way I have my camera set up to focus makes it so they never get a clear picture. It’s a two button process to get the focus right. But she tried it anyway and hit the jackpot. She was pretty pleased with herself. One note about the photo below, which she took, is that I wavered on whether or not to show it. It’s not my best photo, especially since I’m in my grubbies. But knowing that I’d be taking photos of a toddler, that means I’m on the ground a bit of the time, so I had decided to put on my work clothes.
Snapshot of a photographer
Fitton Green - family pictures - Corvallis, OR
Blond curls - Corvallis
Toddlers have a 20 second attention span. She threw that out the window and drug her whale nearly to the coast and back.
Family photography - Corvallis photographer
Fitton Green - family outing
Toddler photography - Corvallis, OR
Corvallis, Or Children
Corvallis Family Photography - hiking
Corvallis Photographer
Corvallis, OR Children
Corvallis Kid
Family  hike - Fitton Green - Corvallis, OR - photographer
Family hike in Corvallis, OR
Mother and daughter pictures - Corvallis, OR photographer
Snacks. Good stuff to bring for a gal who doesn’t stop moving!
Hiking Fitton Green - Corvallis, OR

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