It’s time for joy!!

Oregon Children

Guess who’s three?  He was pretty versatile in showing off his age, not just holding up the standard three fingers.  He’s already got skills!

Corvallis, Oregon Children

Of course, whatever big brother does, sister has to try too.

Corvallis, Or Children
Corvallis, Oregon Kid
Corvallis, Oregon Children

I’m a little in love with cool reflections these days.  He wasn’t phased by it, but instead was checking up on what’s going on inside.

Corvallis, Or Kid
Corvallis, Oregon Children
Corvallis, Or Family Photographer

I want him for my big brother!!

Corvallis, Oregon Family Photos
Corvallis, Ore Family Photographer

This family has a knack of producing some of my favorite group photos, full of ease, smiles and fun.  Thank you for letting me capture them!

Corvallis, Oregon Family Photographer
Corvallis, Or Children

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