I can only subject my kids to so many test shoots before their eyes glaze over.  I do pity their boredom and will often look to the family dog for a respite to their suffering.  The funny thing I’ve noticed about all the times I’ve taken photos of dogs is that I think they don’t like the lens pointed at them.  Maybe it’s a dominance thing?? What ever the reason, I’ve determined the only way to get a a photo of a dog looking at the camera can only come about by three avenues: extreme persistence, someone behind the person taking the photo making interesting noises, or dumb luck.  This particular day, it was more of the dumb luck and persistence thing that gave me at least one of Zoe looking pleasantly at me.

Incidentally, my purpose of the test shoot was to try out a new lens.  I’m pleased!

Corvallis, Oregon Pet Photographer
Corvallis, Oregon Pet photography

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