I am one of the guilty ones, the one who takes plenty of photos, but doesn’t print them out very often.  When Christmas comes though, we print out a  photobook of our family’s activities the past year and send it to our parents and grandparents.  It’s something that I can fret over, picking the perfect photos and making sure that they are all edited perfectly.  But I’ve come to adopt a stress free strategy of spending 30 minutes picking my favorites from the last year, doing minimal if any edits, and having Lightroom automatically fill a photobook.

The noteworthy thing about this year’s photobook isn’t the book itself, but the thank you we received from Craig’s grandma.  She took time out of her day to hand write a thank you note expressing her gratitude and it went something like this: “Thank you for the photobook.  It’s one of the nicest Christmas gifts I’ve ever been given.”  I’m humbled because I know we didn’t go to great lengths to produce something that’s a piece of art, and I know what really matters is that she loves us so much and is thankful to have just a little piece of us nearby, even if it is a random assortment of unedited photos!  I am inspired to keep printing and sharing, especially to the ones closest to our hearts.

Oregon Family Photographer

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