Friday, the night before the wedding, was foggy and dreary, and the forecast for Saturday didn’t seem too inspiring.  It didn’t stop Chris from catching a few waves, and that’s where I first found him when arriving.  We all nervously laughed that night, wondering how the “big” day would come off, looking on the bright side remembering that cloudy weather would bring about easy lighting for photos.  But waking up Saturday to a beautiful and sunny day on the Oregon Coast was just the first of many good things to come.  Friends and family filled the deck to watch Sarah and Chris say their vows.  Beyond them, the sunny beach beckoned Chris to surf, but he had much more important things to do that day.   Sarah and Chris’ dogs, as well as Sarah’s niece and nephews played an important part in the ceremony, bringing meaning and entertainment to all involved.

The Oregon Coast was a perfect choice for their destination wedding, and this photographer was thrilled to enjoy it!!

Genius.  This was genius.  Tying the wedding ring to the car entertained him the ENTIRE ceremony.  Most any boy can stay in one “general” spot if he’s got wheels to play with.

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  1. Rob Fitzsimmons
    September 26, 2012

    Beautiful work Marci!

  2. Amber
    September 27, 2012

    Completely Awesome!! Love Love Love! <3

  3. Barbara Davis
    September 27, 2012

    So enjoyed seeing the pictures…you look so happy Miss Sarah…We wish you and Chris only best! behappy and laugh lots!