Abi and Micah’s day finally came.  After counting down each and every day on Facebook from somewhere near the 6 month mark, the day came.  Perfectly.

After a quick look on the day of the wedding, it was an irresistible urge to post a few previews of Abi + Micah.  But now we’ll start from the first look.

Micah is excited to see Abi in her dress for the first time!

Abi is anxious to show him.

Checkin’ each other out.

Isn’t she sweet?

Abi…you are sooooo beautiful!!

One quick practice sesh before the real thing!

Abi is well loved.

Maybe some more practice?

Abi, you have an army of men on your side.  Wow!!

Anybody else curious as to what Daddy said?

Abi and Micah discovered that both their parents had the same photo of their wedding day.  Must be an 80’s thing?

First dance followed by the Father-Daughter dance.

A special gift from Lisse and friends.

Pinwheels all around.


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