Inspiring, hospitable, joyful, pleasant, FUNNY, caring, excited, purposeful….I’m not ordinarily one that gets excited about words.  But there are so many GOOD ones that describe, not just one of this couple, but both!  I was the lucky one to spend the afternoon getting to know these two even better.

Purposeful: we spent our evening at their family ranch and ended at the beach where they became engaged.

Joyful: can’t ya tell??  They are a pretty good definition of it!

Isaiah, you’re a blessed man!!

Pleasant: who wouldn’t want to hang out with them at the ranch??

I really didn’t tell them to smile, this is just who they are!

Excited: about life and being together.

Caring: Isaiah carried Hannah’s shoes and even tried to carry my bag while we were on the beach.

I think hearts will follow Hannah and Isaiah wherever they go.

Hospitable: at the end of it all, we packed up and drove off to the local Dutch Bros. where they treated me to a coffee.  You two are the best!!!

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  1. Christina Nelson
    May 15, 2012

    Beautiful! Can you make us look that sweet for our twenty year anniversary?

    Congratulations to Hannah and Isaiah.

  2. Victoria Shawgo
    May 15, 2012

    What beautiful pictures!
    You have captured the essence of their relationship; they will have these treasures for the generations yet to come.