Every once in awhile I like to do a post about the normal stuff in my life.  Not that this is technically normal, but it was worthy of taking a few photos and sharing.  Some of my kids do an animal for 4h every year and this weekend was when we brought the new little piglets home.  The most enjoyable part of taking photos of these critters is that you can’t smell them through a picture.

Rule number 1 when you visit the pigs.

One of our pigs likes to sing.

Must feed the animals!

The best part about bring the pigs home was to see the reaction of our puppy, Zoe.  She FLIPPED out, wavering between running for the hills and shrieking barks at the vicious little pink piggies.  Eventually Zoe realized that the pigs weren’t going to eat her and now she can’t get enough interaction with them.

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