This tip is really an easy one, but one that I often forget to act upon: Seize the moment!  I was sitting at our dining room table yesterday and my youngest, Lacey, coyly looked at me in such a cute way.  I ran and grabbed the camera and managed to sneak in a couple photos while she was STILL looking cute.  Her behavior was all her own, and this is what I came away with.

After I snapped those couple of shots, I tried to milk the moment.  It would be a coup if I could get a full body photo of her, proving that she really did start out each day clean and cute.  But this is where we moved from Lacey doing something that she wanted to do into doing what mommy wanted her to do.  I came away with an entirely different look!  Even still, I love  hanging onto these photos as well.  They make me smirk, smile, laugh out loud, and sometimes sigh (in a good way!).  Kids….ya just gotta roll with ’em!

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