I was concerned about this photo-shoot.  I checked and rechecked the weather forecast, clinging to the hope that the rain and drizzle would stop at 3PM just like the weatherman said.  Even on the drive to our shoot location I was tempted to make a last minute call to reschedule, but my indecision was rewarded with gentle cloud covered skies and easy photo-shooting weather.  This is not the usual outcome!  It was only the first sign of greatness to come though, because Dustin brought fun stuff to use during his senior portrait session.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but music is one of my things.  It’s definitely not a thing that I can do on my own.  I rely on others to provide the tune and background so that I can belt out the not-so-good sing-along and dance moves worthy of just a snicker or two from my kids.  It’s almost like Dustin was waiting for the finale, because first he chooses a great spot, bringing his puppy along, and even was willing to throw a stick in the river just to show off her swimming prowess.  And then…..out comes the guitar!  It was a REALLY great day.  Thanks Dustin!!

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