He’s walking, talking, and never sittin’ still! Luke made his debut on my blog a year ago, and although he’s mobile and a big boy now, he’s as sweetly cute and adorable now as he was as a newborn.

I spent the afternoon in his home snapping photos and loved all the benefits of doing an on-location photoshoot. It’s easy, personal, comfortable, without stress, and weather isn’t an issue. To see a more indepth answer to why you’d want a photoshoot in your own home, see my FAQ page, because I think it’ll open up some fun possibilities for EVERYONE!

Luke’s birthday party is coming up this weekend and he’s got lots of fun and colorful toys and decorations to play with.

Standing up is a pretty tough exercise for toddlers.  I was amazed how much energy it takes!

Luke sweetly asked his Mama to read him books many times this afternoon.

He also knew exactly where to find the nummy snacks.

Becca’s a fun mama.  She lets her boy PLAY!


And then Luke dug into the toy box.

I thought about trying to snag a photo of Luke sitting on the couch.  Silly me!  He immediately popped up and discovered how much fun it was to run back and forth along it.  There’s a part of me that feels really guilty about introducing that new game because I know Mama is going to be running right along side him!



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  1. Shirley
    March 23, 2012

    Adorable…absolutely adorable!! Great job once again, Marci!!