I’m the one behind the camera usually, so there aren’t alot of shots of me “doing my thing”. My first thought when I took a look at all the photos of me: why hasn’t anyone told me that my mouth is wide open when I’m taking photos?!? Ack! I’m not going to torture y’all by showing those, but I’m going to work on my technique to avoid that in the future.

I think I’m a bit of a pansy the day after a photoshoot when my legs are sore. Now I know why it happens. I don’t ever remember getting into positions like this, but my legs do the next day.

Even the wee ones like to see how their pictures turn out!

If we ever go on a shoot together, I beg you to let me know when I have leaves hanging off me, twigs in my hair, my fly down, or WHATEVER.  I’m a little focused on chatting and photos, so those little details escape me.

And finally, it’s a camera lens in my back pocket.  Just in case you were wondering!


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