Keelan and Annika are both Veterinarians, but even more than that, they are our friends! We were joking with them just before Christmas this year wondering how much of a break they’ll get over the holiday season since they have such an on-call type of job. Little did we know that it would be our family who would be calling them up on Christmas Eve because our new little puppy, Zoe, had gotten into some mouse poison. After a few phone calls, a couple bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide, a turkey baster we borrowed from our neighbor, and some Vitamin K we got from Keelan, Zoe had made a good start on her successful recovery.

We knew they were good vets…but now we REALLY know they are amazing veterinarians!! But even better, they are also WAY COOL people to know. And once you’re done doing animal business with them, they won’t just be your vet, they’ll be your friends as well. Kind, generous, and heartfelt care flows naturally from them both, as they work as a team to provide mobile mixed animal veterinary care at your home or farm.

It’s hard to stop sharing about Keelan and Annika’s vet service and friendship and it leaves me just giddy to start posting their photos from a recent session. I think that you’ll find yourself friends with them too after taking a look at these photos:)And once you’re done looking at their photos here, hop on over to their website and meet them yourself! Rogers Veterinary Service

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  1. Barbara Barckley
    January 14, 2012

    They are beautiful people and the pictures are awesome. Great Vet’s, good people and true to life. We love them and are so proud of what they have accomplished.