I finished a custom frame a little while ago and it was soooo satisfying.  I enjoy the whole process of doing photography and don’t think I’ve had a photoshoot yet that I haven’t thoroughly relished.  The next step of choosing proofs and editing the images to their final product can get a teensy bit repetitive, but still gives me such a great feeling once it’s done.  I think you can see where I’m going with this, but just to make it clear, the icing on the cake is to actually see, touch, and hold the photo as a print or canvas.

I need to gush a little bit about canvases now, because there is such a coolness about what they can do to your photo!  It definitely depends upon the printer that produces the canvas, but when you use a quality printer, the product is outstanding!  I like to make the photo even better by making a frame out of REAL wood that just begs to be touched.  Ok, I’m a little bit of a wood snob, but the mass produced frames that have some sort of color and grain slapped on as a finish just don’t count!

Hmmm, I don’t mean for this to sound like a commercial.  Perhaps it’s more of a way of sharing my joy in the work I do.  And I really couldn’t do it without all of you, because having the chance to photography y’all is what makes this whole thing possible!   Thank you so much!!!

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