I’ll begin by talking about the weather. That’s what I do when I don’t know where to start, right?!? It’s a totally ‘legit’ thing to share about the weather on this particular JANUARY day at the Oregon Coast, because it was phenomenal! Sun and NO WIND made the afernoon one of the most beautifully clear and pleasant days I’ve spent at the Oergon coast in years. And it is just the right way to start off Abi and Micah’s engagement photos!

Before even getting the beach, we spent an hour in car getting to know one another a little better. I was struck by a couple things right off. Abi and Micah, before even meeting, shared the same dreams and goals for life. And it’s easy to see how excting and joyful it was for them to meet someone that had the same vision.

Their joy for life is also evident. It’s strong, purposeful, and they are more than willing to share. I came away from a few hours with them energized and happy to be alive. Abi and Micah, you are a dream to spend time with!!

And just because I can’t help but go on about the weather, it was sooooo clear and crisp (not cold, just good sweatshirt weather!) with the warm sun on the face…mmmmm…what a day!!

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