I like how photos can capture an instant and cause someone to dwell in the moment.  My kids and memories of what they were like, how they looked, what they felt, and all the stuff in between are ones that I know I’ll treasure the most.  Especially the photos that show the wide range of who they are.

I was looking back through a few of the photos I took while we cut down our tree this year and found Heidi in the center of quite a few of them.  She’s the one with lotsa genuine emotion and drama.  Heidi had just been running with all her little heart somewhere, fast I’m sure, and smacked right into the trampoline that you can see in the background of the photo.  After the initial shock, pain, and tears, she was still having a hard time shedding the memory of her traumatic event.

It makes me my heart crunch all up like a wad of paper when I look at this photo.  It’s funny how even though it’s such a sad thing for me to view, I still wouldn’t give this particular shot up for anything.

Fortunately, kids attention spans are short and Heidi quickly transitioned back into a more happy place and showed me this-is-me-being-a-goofy-kid routine.  I love her!!

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