One of my favorite benefits of taking kid’s pictures is that I never fail to get jillions of different expressions on their faces.  I’m choosing to see their really short attention spans and distractability and use them as real bonuses: I get real and varied expressions that communicate their big personality in such a little body.

I took Lacey’s photos on Halloween and here are just a few that I enjoyed.  Each one catches some emotion or thought flowing through her crazy, little brain.  I’m not as good with words and I think that’s one reason I enjoy the photos since they can communicate so much without even verbalizing….thus the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Thank God for pictures as a way for those of us who comminucate bettter visually than verbally!

One other little caveat is is that because of the kid’s ability to share so much of themselves through their expressions, it makes is so very hard to delete any of the photos!  I see each one and I can dwell on that particular expression, emotion, and memory and revel in it.  Still photos do such a good job of conveying the feeling for the long term.

Ok, enough of the blabbering!

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