This is one of those posts that’s really all about me.  I enjoy meeting new folks, seeing new locations, and capturing the best and most colorful of their lives in photos.  But this particular day’s photos are all about what I wanted to do:  I hoped to take some shots of people in their normal, everyday lives with the end goal of telling a little story about them.  And when possible, to snap off a couple impromptu portrait shots as well.

Introductions: meet my friends the Nelsons.  I really didn’t give them any time to “spruce up” and I also wanted them to keep on doing what they had planned for the day, a Saturday afternoon.  This is also where I need to say a BIG THANK YOU for letting me share their normal Saturday afternoon!!!!

Meet Holly.  She just had a lamb.  She looks a lot better than me after I had my baby!

Lambs need their tails docked.  Ew.

I think that writing a book would be a much harder task to do than this.  But if you ask Christina, I bet she’d rather write.  That’s ‘cuz she’s an author after all.

Emma helps herd Holly (and baby) out to the pasture with the other sheep.

This was, by far, the craziest part of the day for me.  Holly and her sheep are let into the pasture with the other ewes and baby.  As soon as she enters, another ewe attempts to lamb snatch Holly’s baby.  It’s a good thing I never had to butt heads for my babies…I don’t know if I woulda had it in me!

All those other pictures where a piece of cake.  Now I had to convince Christina to sit still for the camera.  That was a dicey situation.  I’m not sure why she was so cagey since even in her scrubbies she still looks good!!

I love color.  Can you believe the colors on this hat!!  Of course the girl is pretty cute too:)

Anyone wanna help dig a ditch??

Talking on the phone.  Anyone surprised that I caught Aleasha talking on the phone?

Fortunately she liked talking to me too!

I didn’t have to persuade the boys very hard to step away from their work.  I’m glad it wasn’t during March Madness.


Jason does this all the time.

Thanks for letting me share!!

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  1. Nancy
    May 12, 2011

    As usually great pics. But then again I may be a little prejudiced :~)