Newborn babies are special and I just can’t put it into words.  Each particular shot reminds me of such sweet memories.

Yawns.  I love it when they yawn and end up getting so many pictures of this, because I can’t resist taking more each time.

Such little fingers that are always grasping yours.  What a precious feeling!

Teeny, tiny, wrinkly feet.  The toes seem to be on the move at all times.

Soft baby cheeks.  Soft baby everything!

I love how they look at you.

This one is one of my favorite, I think.  Not ‘cuz of the technicalities of the shot, but just because this is a treasured memory of mine: babies who have a VERY full tummy and are soooo relaxed that their arm flops over your shoulder.  This is complete satisfaction!

Sleeping baby…sweet and happy.

I can’t leave out the picture with the hands in the mouth.

I wanted to focus on just the baby at the beginning, but for this wee one, his life is so much more than him.  These last photos show what his life will truly be like: in the thick of it all with some really fun lovin’ brothers and sister!  There’s no way his life is gonna be boring!!

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  1. Helen Malmsten
    March 21, 2011

    Those are darling pictures! You have beautiful grandchildren. Each child is a special blessing from the Lord.

  2. Dave and Angie
    March 28, 2011

    Your kids are very cute. What is the new baby’s name?