I want to wrap up this little series about taking family photos with a brain spill of some other miscellaneous tips I can give you.  Don’t take this as the final word tho’ since I seem to learn a new little tidbit each and every family session!

*You can find a “spot” for family photos anywhere: walls, garage doors, fences, hedges, natural scenic stuff (trees and mountains for those that in their backyard!), or even just plain sky (get the camera low!).

*Avoid sun or dappled lighting in the faces to avoid squinty eyes and funny shadows.

*If you have little ones, plan to be able to use a restroom (ALWAYS a need for us).

*Brainstorm fun ideas.  Google ‘family photography’ and look at other people’s work to get ideas.

*Take your time.  Expect to get a few pictures, then take a quick break and go on.

*Long sleeves: this isn’t a must, but the reason long sleeves are suggested is that bare arms can distract.  Your eye is drawn from the face to the arm, back and forth.  Not everyone wants their arms to be the highlight of the show!

*Take more than a few shots, especially for the fast moving kids or larger groups.

Enjoy!!  And if something really exciting happens…let me know ‘cuz I love to have a good laugh!

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