I like to take the traditional school type portrait each year of my kids.  It’s not like it’s the everyday complete picture of what the kids are, but it’s fun to compare them year after year and look back to the past years as well.  Or maybe it’s just ‘cuz I want them to sit through the school portrait torture seat like I had to!  And I can even put a more evil twist on the experience by having MOM call all the shots.  Sheesh, I don’t know whether to snicker about the whole deal or to feel a little compassion for the poor saps.

I was struck by the LIFE captured by these simple headshots of our four year old.  Heidi has always had a bit more personality than one her size should have and all these photos manage to show just a little slice of what we see everyday.  As you can see, I couldn’t just display one photo….they needed to be altogether!!

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