We JUST had our family pictures taken and I thought it would be fun to share some of my thoughts about the whole adventure.  From our preparations to the actual photos taken, I’m gonna lay it all bare!  But I’ll post these bit by bit.  I don’t want to overwhelm anyone, and seeing our whole family in one spot is just about enough for one post. Stick around on this one though and you’ll get a tip about choosing clothes for your photos.

I think you’ll be able to pick out Craig and I, but the kids….it takes most people about a dozen visits to get all their names down.  I’m expecting faster learnin’ from you!  In real life they don’t stay in one spot.  You get the advantage of stopping them in their tracks to get their names down.

From the left: Jojo (11), Kena (9), Heidi (4), Me (36), K (and yes, it’s just the letter K!, 6), Jema (12), Judah (7), Lacey (2), Craig (39).

I get questions about what clothes to wear all the time and I’m going to take the easy way out right from the start: you are what you wear!  Ha, can’t resist, but I really do have a little point in that juvenile humor.  Everyone has their own taste from classic, vibrant, to vintage.  The very first step is to realize what YOU really like!

I think you can probably tell that I’m inclined towards vibrancy.  This photo is full of kids and life is just ooooozzzzzinng from them.  I wanted COLOR!!

Finally the real meaty part of this tip is gonna start right here, and I can’t even claim credit for the brains of it (credits are at the bottom!).   Check out Kena’s sweater.  The bright one, lots of colors.  Start with something like that: multicolored and something you like. Then whether you rummage through everyone elses drawers or go shopping, find all the other clothes that have the colors of your first pick.  Easy peasy….let the clothing gurus pick the color scheme for you!

Shannon, thanks for letting me share your genius!  And another big THANKS to your hubby, Jason, for taking our photos!!

Stay tuned for more of our photos and tips to go along with them.

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