Try a few different styles

It’s amazing how many different perspectives you can get by varying the camera lens.  Now that I think about deciding what my ABSOLUTE favorite picture style/perspective is, I’m waffling a bit.  If you pushed me, I think I would have to say the wide angle shot is my favorite.  There’s something intriguing to me about people in real close and personal with the environment showing in the background.  It tells a story.  Mix that in with a bit of informal fun and I think you can get a picture that shows genuine smiles and personality.  That’s what I like about these pictures down below…..

Switch over to a telephoto lens and you can get the cropped in close shots.  It’s big on the faces.  That’s what we want to see alot of the time: how does everyone look at the moment?  It’s fun to take the close-in shot and compare to the photos that we take years down the road and see, “my how everyone’s grown!!”  The eyes are what we focus on, so pay attention and use them for what you focus on.

Besides what type of lens to use for a specific look, try changing the camera height.  That’s right, it’s time to get dirty and plop right down on your belly.  Once you have plenty of those shots, look for some high ground to get a different perspective.

To summarize (sorry folks, I’m going to sound like a broken record with my “to summarize” line…but I know there are lots of other people out there like me that skim to the end!): Get more than one “look” by using a different lens and changing the camera height.

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