Something is bound to go haywire

This picture makes me crack up every time I see it.  Here we are, all nice and tight as a group and Judah had his hand in front of someone’s face.  All I needed to do was quickly bring his hand down and we were set.  After all, Craig had the weight of us all on his leg…how long could he last?

I decked Judah right in the nose.  Hard.  ON ACCIDENT OF COURSE! And after this….it was over.  How could we pull off a happy picture with tears in Judah’s eyes?

Sometimes you just gotta call it quits.  Take a break and shake it off.  Usually it only takes a few minutes for disaster to pass and you have a chance for greatness again.  After all, the photos from the last post were AFTER these.  Judah looked fairly happy, right???

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