You need something to do

The traditional way of doing a family portrait is to have everyone file out to “their spot” and then “CHEEEEEEEEEESE!”  “Mature” folks may be able to do that, and even be able to throw out a genuine smile after we engage in a little dialogue.  But kids just can’t do that.  And if I actually do something or say something funny enough for them to smile, they put their hands to their face, turn around, or fall to the ground and I can’t see their face anyway.

Jumping: I know this can be a kind of overused type of thing to do, but we are doing it ‘cuz they love it!  You would never guess from all those laughing faces that there was one of the young’uns that was absolutely deadset against family photos and, even now, will deny that he had fun.  There, I even gave you a hint on who it was!

What’s crazy about these shots is the hair.  I LOVE how it’s everywhere.  With all our girls, I’ve decided to think it’s a fun and crazy thing to have all that hair everywhere instead of thinking it’s always in the way.  Now we’re all about making it fly as much as we can!

To summarize: DO SOMETHING!  From running, walking, peekaboo with the little ones, handstands, human pyramids, thumb wrestle, swinging……it doesn’t have to be complicated!

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