I’ve been inspired by collages lately and want to let you in on the fun!

What’s included:

  • Collage file (number of images is your choice) ready to print
  • PLUS an image file of EACH picture in the collage

Other details:

  • Good through the end of March
  • Studio shots only
  • Pictures of individuals only, no group shots

Here’s an example of a nine image collage.

Here’s the collage of Heidi that I posted recently that’s an example of a twelve image collage.

Here’s an example of a 10 picture collage.

  • $75 for 7 image collage
  • $85 for 8 image collage
  • $95 for 9 image collage
  • $105 for 10 image collage
  • $115 for 11 image collage
  • $125 for 12 image collage
  • $135 for 13 image collage

Contact me to schedule your session!

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