I’ve had this family session sitting in my back pocket for awhile, not on top of blogging as much as I’d like.  Perhaps part of the reason is that I actually had a few thoughts about this session, but my words just don’t flow quite as easily as the pictures do.  Instead, we’ll just concentrate on the pictures with maybe a little explanation or two to fill in on a few of the crazy ideas.  I can say crazy since these guys are friends….they won’t mind a few pokes of fun…right?!?

The first couple of shots were in hopes of creating a human snowflake.  I think it worked!!

These guys are some of the best at huggin’ on each other.

The next photo makes me smile, but even more when I think of the setting.  Everyone was sitting comfortable in this shot, but through the first half Silas was completely on his belly, staring straight at the ground.  A worm was holding his attention.  It’s pretty hard to compete with a worm, so I set it on top of my camera lens and he thought that was pretty cool!

The next succession of shots is pretty fun.  Mainly cuz it shows off a bit of the goofy side of this family.

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  1. Barb Holton
    December 19, 2010

    You have such a fun and lovely family. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas.