I’m feeling the urge to meet new people.  Simple…since Facebook is such a great way to do this I let my brain percolate on how I could realize my goal and came up with: a contest!  Why?  It’s fun!  It’s a way to give people a treat…and since I’m a people pleaser, that treats me too!  And then I had to come up with a prize…what to pick for a prize?  Again I returned to the simplicities of life and I asked myself what I LIKE: coffee.  Plain and simple, I love to curl up with my coffee each morning.  So here’s your chance to enjoy some coffee on me:)
Enter the contest and throw your name in my “hat” by doing the following:
1) “Like” my Facebook page
2)  Leave a comment on my Facebook wall…any comment…just to make it easy for me to record that you like me.

And for all those who want increase your odds, do all the following as well:
* Refer someone else to my page
* Have them “like” me
* Make sure they note your name in their comment so you get credit for their referral!

For EACH person you refer I’ll throw your name in my “hat” one more time!  You’ll have through November 24th, 2010 to enter.

I’ll draw out FIVE random names and give each a $20 Dutch Bros. Gift card.  Mmmmm, coffee.  Good stuff:)

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  1. Patti
    November 19, 2010

    Really enjoyed the pics on your site. You have a great eye!

  2. Claudia Lee
    November 20, 2010

    Marci — I’m pretty sure I ‘liked’ your page a long, long time ago! You do wonderful work and have a great eye for capturing the expression that manifest the inner person. I love your photography!!