Here’s the final option in my “pick a deal” holiday special.  If you book and shoot a photo session through December 10, 2010 you can choose one of the following options:

1) One 16×20 print (free)

2) One 8×10 and 52 wallets (free)

3) One 10×13 and Two 8×10’s (free)

4) Twenty five 4×8 slimline greeting cards ( (free)

OR the last new option……

5) $50 off a custom framing product.

I generally don’t talk too much about the custom framing that I do, but it really can be a fun opportunity to create that special something for a holiday gift.  Custom is the key word since that’s what really makes each photo shine, whether it be the wood (say a dark and creamy walnut…can you tell what my favorite wood is?!?), the mat, or even how many photos and what arrangement you’d like.

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