Hi folks.

I’ve been pretty excited about this post.  Really it just tells a little more of the story about myself, it’s not strictly all business..though that’s one of my intents:)  I want to share the latest web page addition describing the custom framing that I offer.  It’s like a match made in heaven: photography and framing.  But not just in the practical sense of getting a complete product.   I’ll lay down a little history for you to fully understand why this is the best!

Obviously I love photography and everything about it.  But the funny thing is that woodworking (and thus framing) came first.  I remember one of my first projects in junior high was a silly little table with some drawers that is still banging around my house today.  Perhaps not something I’m super proud of, but it was the beginning of my journey with building.  Fast forward 20 years and the art of producing wood projects becomes even more full.  Thanks to Dad and his sawmills we watch logs become lumber and then dry under cover on our property.  Once the lumber is dry I painstakingly (I wish it weren’t so hard, picking your favorite board to use is a little like picking out your favorite child) choose the boards for each project.  Cutting and shaping the boards to size comes right before joining each frame with a hardwood spline to ensure a solid hardwood frame that will last.

I want to emphasize that I see it not really as a custom frame, but rather a fine woodworking project used to hold your photos.  Again, what a great match!

Please visit my Custom Framing page to see a couple examples and a few more details!

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